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Tired of Excessive Tolls on Miami Dade Expressways?

This is what it Costs

A Round Trip from our Kendall to Downtown is:

Daily: $6.34

Monthly: $139.48 (22 days)

and on top of paying these exorbitant tolls you are subjected to constant traffic jams and delays.

Please register and give us any suggestions. We will update you as to any activities, proposals or actions necessary in order to let our elected officials know that we can't go on like this.

What Anthony Plans To Do...

Anthony Rodriguez knows that tolls are burdening hard working families, especially in Southwest Miami Dade County.  As your Representative he wants to propose legislation that would not allow tolls to be charged on "expressways" in Florida if traffic is flowing at less than 40 Miles an Hour. We shouldn’t be forced to pay for a service that’s not being competently provided. You would never go to the supermarket and pay $100 for spoiled groceries, then why pay tolls if your going to be stuck in traffic. We want to hear from you so take a moment and tell us what you think.

Tolls Video

Check out my stance on this issue of Tolls (English)

Video de Peajes

Mira mi posición sobre el tema de los peajes (Español))