The Issues



As a business owner I know the tough choices many of us have to make daily, as well as how many times burdensome taxes and unnecessary regulations add unnecessary stress to our business. As your state legislator I will fight to lessen the tax and regulatory strains on our lives and create an environment that allows business to expand and is favorable for job creation and economic grow



Providing the best education possible for our children and grandchildren. As a business person I know that competition and choice are the cornerstones of creating the best product or service possible. As your representative I will work hard to make sure that every parent has a say in their child’s education and that they are provided with real choices. Quality in education will not only improve our children’s lives but will also attract quality employers to Florida as well.



We all have to live within our means and I am well aware that making ends meet becomes harder with each passing day. That’s why I will NEVER vote for any increase in taxes and will always keep a close eye on our state budget to make sure that our government in Florida also lives within its (our) means.



With the increase in population in the last 10 years there has not been much done to alleviate our traffic. That is why as your State Representative I will work hard to bring more transportation dollars to our district to expand as well as extend current expressways, and to  significantly reduce or eliminate tolls. In Tallahassee I will fight to bring our tax dollars to our community that will not only improve traffic but our quality of life as well. 



Our highways have gotten more and more expensive to drive over the years. And we all know why. There is a Toll at almost every exit and throughout the highway. I don't believe we have done enough to reduce the tolls and their effects on our pockets. As your State Representative I will ensure that every cent on the highway goes back into transportation and that there will be a reduction of tolls.  Click on the picture to learn more.



Keeping our neighborhoods safe and criminals off our street will be one of my top priorities. Violent criminals and repeat offenders do not belong on our streets. I will work tirelessly to make sure that we create safer streets for all the law abiding citizens of Florida and keep criminals in jail where they belong.

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